Apa Kata Rakyat Tentang 1Malaysia F1

hahahGua kutip pendapat orang tentang F1 Team 1Malaysia dari twitter.

1.A nearly broke country likes Malaysia still want to chase for the money burning F1 games, very funny! Twin tower make us ‘pokai’ already.

2.Malaysia will have another F1 team? Who is going to pay for it? What is the benefit to RAKYAT?

3.malaysia own F1 team? big waste of money IMHO!

4.malaysia’s own F1 team? how cool is that?!? now that will put teeny tiny Malaysia on the world map to see!! go 1Malaysia!

5.Malaysia hv their own F1 Team, owned by Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes, entered under Lotus in 2010. Where are we?

6.Malaysia Day suggestion: Train our F1 Team M’sia on the streets, running down snatch thieves and rempit. Pasti menang S’pore street circuit!

7.Malaysia gonna have it’s F1 team called 1Malaysia F1 team, hope the car gonna be good coz currently Malaysian’s car is unreliable

8.Breaking: Najib launches Malaysia’s own F1 team, starting 2010! The colors are fugly, tho.

9.with Lotus F1. Tony Fernandes #AirAsia’s CEO as team principal. Low budget Formula 1 cars as well??

10.a MALAYSIAN f1 team?!? oh dear : /… please stop embarrassing yourselves Malaysia -.-

11.How will this 1 Malaysia F1 team be ultimately financed?


Cukuplah 11, Pak Jib suka nombor 11 kan?

dipetik dari http://lamputih.blogspot.com

p/s kepada BN rakyat sedang mengkritik anda. Aku pun tak setuju, minyak naik dia boleh memboros pulak..siapa dia? anda tahu..